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How to prepare for a lung test

What you need to know…

no caffeine - You should avoid food and drinks containing caffeine on the day of your test because it can cause your airways to relax and allow more air than usual to pass through. That is, no coffee, tea or Coca-Cola.

diet - You may have all other food and drink, except caffeine prior to the test. Do not eat a heavy meal just before this test because a full stomach may prevent your lungs from fully expanding.

exercise - You should not exercise vigorously for 6 hours prior to the test.

clothing - Please wear whatever is comfortable for your appointment and avoid tight clothes that may restrict your breathing.

medicine - If you use inhalers, please speak with your Doctor for medical advice prior to your test. If you feel breathless and need to use your inhalers on the day of the test, please inform the Respiratory Scientist of what was taken and at what time. Please take all other medications as normal.

smoking - Please don't smoke on the day of your test.