John Flynn Private Hospital
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Frequently asked questions

We acknowledge that there are often some questions that people have regarding their upcoming visit to a health care provider, so we have tried to anticipate some of the common things that people have asked in the past.

Make sure you bring any chest x-rays or CT scans you have had in the past to your appointment.

If you use inhalers for your breathing, please bring them to your appointment. Also, don't forget to bring your current referral with you.

Your appointment time can vary and will depend on which lung function test you have scheduled.

No. We do all the Lung Function Tests while you are sitting or standing and they will show exactly how your lungs are working. The results may give a good indication of why you are getting breathless when exercising.

You might feel a little more breathless than normal. The tests may also make you cough and feel a bit dizzy for a few seconds. These symptoms are quite normal and should disappear soon after you finish each test.

As long as you feel well, you can go home. There are no lasting side effects from the test. You should be able to resume your normal routine immediately.

Please contact the John Flynn Respiratory Lab and we will gladly give you a current estimate of our fees. We have the ability to claim the Medicare rebate electronically at the time of your consultation if you have your bank details registered with Medicare.