John Flynn Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services

John Flynn Private Hospital provides an extensive range of emergency and cardiac services, conveniently located on the one campus. The hospital is easily accessed within minutes from the Gold Coast highway, M1 Motorway and Coolangatta Airport.

The largest private cardiac centre on the Gold Coast, John Flynn Private Hospital offers the latest in cardiac technology, highly skilled and internationally trained Cardiologists, Interventionalists and Cardiac Electrophysiologists, supported by specially skilled nursing staff combined with first-class accommodation, that together, ensure the provision of the very best cardiac care.

Immediate Access to Services

We can provide immediate access to our entire range of services. The hospital provides some of Australia's most up-to-date facilities and equipment under one roof, including;

  • 24 hour Emergency Department
  • Angiography
  • Balloon angioplasty and Coronary Stenting
  • Electrophysiology
  • Open heart surgery
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietitian
  • Onsite support services, including diagnostic echo cardiography, echo stress testing and holter monitors
  • TAVR ( also called TAVI) transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department provides 24 hour medical care supported by the pathology and x-ray facilities. Our patients well-being is our top priority, with specialist staff on hand to ensure patients are stabilised and pain and anxiety is minimised.

The Department is proud of its reputation for providing a fast, efficient service with minimal waiting periods and speedy referral to a specialist of choice. If appropriate, patients can be transferred from emergency directly to the catheter lab for immediate balloon angioplasty and stenting.

How to get there

Patients can present directly to John Flynn Emergency Department, or can request to be taken there by ambulance.

  • No appointment is necessary
  • No referral from your doctor is necessary

Cardiovascular Labs

Patients receive expert medical care to evaluate, diagnose and treat all types of cardiac and cardiovascular diseases and conditions. Our specialists perform a full spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional services utilising non-invasive and invasive procedures. Advanced testing and treatments are available using current technologies that are exclusive to John Flynn.

Cardiac Surgery

Our Cardiothoracic Surgical Services includes a dedicated Cardiac Theatre, a 12 bed high technology Intensive Care Unit, a fully integrated step down Unit - enabling your Intensive Care Unit stay to be minimalised.

Our team consists of highly skilled Surgeons, Perfusionists, Cardiac Anaesthetists, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, ensuring immediate post-operative management with personalised nursing care and attention.

John Flynn Private Hospital have Cardiothoracic Surgeons who provide 24 hour on-call service. They offer a complete range of heart and lung surgical procedures with the latest surgical techniques which include minimally invasive heart and lung surgery and NUSS surgery.

Coronary Care

The Coronary Care Unit is a 10 bed critical care area with advanced monitoring equipment and facilities to manage all acute coronary care patients, as well as private rooms with ensuites and views across the ocean and Hinterland. The Unit is staffed with cardiac specialist nurses who are committed to supporting both the patients and their family's individual psychosocial needs.

Facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art Phillips monitoring – advanced algorithms for detection of arrhythmias
  • Extensive monitoring – 1 lead ECGs at the bedside
  • Upgarded Telemetry Units to enable patients rhythm to be viewed at the bedside
  • 10 beds – upgrades with ensuites
  • Ocean and Hinterland views
  • Upgraded infrastructure throughout the Unit

Cardiology - Cardiac Step Down

Patients recovering from heart surgery can look forward to recovering in the Cardiac Surgical Unit. The Unit is well appointed with private rooms and telemetry monitoring, which allows patients to move around the Unit whilst still being monitored by equipment via a small transmitter worn by the patients.

The Cardiac Medical Unit which is located adjacent to the Cardiac Surgical Unit cares for patients with medical conditions such as angina, arrhythmias and those recovering from heart attacks.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive education and exercise program designed to optimise physical, psychological, occupational and social recovery following an acute cardiac event within a supportive environment.

The program runs over a four week period. During this time the patient will participate in an individually prescribed exercise program and also attend education sessions with an emphasis on cardiac education and behaviour modification techniques.

The sessions are aimed at increasing understanding of heart disease and the positive action that can be taken to reduce risk factors and future cardiac events.

Patients are eligible to participate if they have had a heart attack, balloon angioplasty, coronary artery bypass surgery, valve repair surgery or if they have stable angina or risk factors for heart disease.

Funding Arrangements

John Flynn Private Hospital has signed agreements with most Australian health insurers and your health fund would be able to provide details of cover and anticipated costs of ED funding.