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Exclusive private accommodation

Special Care Nursery

Our Special Care Nursery provides ongoing care for sick / premature babies not yet ready for discharge to home. Parents are encouraged to visit their baby in the Special Care Nursery at any time. However, occasionally they may be asked to leave the nursery while a procedure is in progress.

The Special Care Nursery has:

  • The latest equipment should your baby happen to be unwell
  • Expert nursing and medical care and equipment should your baby require CPAP ventilation
  • Assistance for babies needing full ventilation while waiting transfer to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Babies from the age of 34 weeks gestation can be admitted to our Special Care Nursery

Due to babies' increased risk of infection, a strict visiting policy is implemented for all other visitors. If you have a baby admitted to the Special Care Nursery you will receive a Parent’s Information Booklet which details the visiting policy and other information pertaining to the nursery.

NB. Visitors are limited to two visitors per baby, and all visitors must wash hands thoroughly on entry to the nursery.

Download booklet