John Flynn Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Chaplaincy & Pastoral Support Services

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Support Services offer patients, staff, family and friends support and comfort in times of need. This may be when a person feels lonely, distressed, anxious or simply needs someone to listen for a while. Chaplains also provide a ministry of prayer and sacraments to those who request them.

The chaplaincy team represent most of the larger denominations of the Christian faith. Visits by religious leaders from other faith traditions can be arranged for you via the Coordinating Chaplain when requested by a patient or family member.

Chaplains are available at John Flynn Private Hospital to patients, staff and hospital volunteers as well as family members and friends. Chaplains can assist persons coping with loss and grief, and assist with changing circumstances.

Chaplains will treat information shared as confidential and will respect the views of all persons.

How to Contact a Chaplain

Requests for a chaplain to visit a patient should be directed to the Coordinating Chaplain on phone extension 9091 or through the Hospital Switchboard.