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Can my partner stay?

Partners are welcome to stay overnight. Our philosophy embraces a belief in the benefits of the partner being involved in the "hands on" parenting experience, right from birth, to give physical and emotional support to one another.

The presence of partners overnight is reliant on their acceptance of the "Partner Code of Conduct." Any breach of this code may result in the immediate withdrawal of their overnight stay privileges.

It is important your partner reads the "Partner Code of Conduct" and is aware of the number of times people will need to enter your room each day e.g. serving and clearing of meals, servicing of room, nursing procedures, doctors’ rounds. It is also important your partner understands the physical and emotional changes you will experience that can result in sleep deprivation and teary episodes. Your partner must also accept that our focus of care will always remain on you and your baby.

Partners are requested not to bring a mattress as they pose a safety risk for staff tripping over them.


In choosing to stay overnight, as a partner, you agree to be bound to the following:

  • Your presence during the hospital stay must not impede the care of your partner or the care of another patient.
  • Nursing and housekeeping routines will not be delayed, e.g. to allow you to sleep in.
  • Please wear appropriate sleep wear.
  • Once out of bed a dressing gown or equivalent attire is to be worn.
  • No sleepwear may be worn outside your partner’s room.

Extra Meals

If your partner chooses to stay with you, they can place their orders directly with our catering staff through our automated menu system Chefmax.

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