John Flynn Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Discharge Summary and Information


The patient lounge is available if patients require early discharge. All patients are requested to visit Reception prior to leaving hospital.

Your Doctor will advise when you are ready to return home. A nursing staff member of your unit will give information regarding your next visit to see your Doctor/Surgeon, your medications and how to care for your wound at home.

Please check with your Doctor whether or not you are able to drive yourself home. Whilst you may ‘feel fine’, the effects of your medication may mean that it would be dangerous for you to drive.

All accounts for hospitalisation are payable on discharge. Alternatively, if you currently hold Private Health Insurance our Discharge Officer will assist you to complete the hospital and Medicare claims forms. We will submit your hospital account directly to your insurer for payment.

Patients who have elected to take out Excess Insurance will need to pay the excess in full at the time of discharge (if not paid on admission).

If your admission was through our Emergency Care Department we will submit your account for the consultation to Medicare with any balance on this account being payable by you.

Telephone and Pharmacy accounts must be settled in full at the time of discharge.

For your convenience the hospital accepts cash, cheques, eftpos and all credit cards.

Requesting a copy of your medical record

It is your right to request a copy of your medical record. Should you wish to do so, please complete the Request to ACCESS a Health Record Form