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Emergency Management of a heart attack

Immediate medical treatment for patients experiencing a suspected heart attack is essential. A heart attack happens when blood flow in a coronary artery to the heart muscle is blocked. This is a life-threatening situation and medical treatment is urgently needed at this time. In this urgent situation, the facilities on the John Flynn Private Hospital campus enable direct access to emergency diagnostic and treatment services around the clock.

What is an Angiogram?

Your angiogram will provide valuable information for the ongoing management of your health. An angiogram is the procedure of introducing a fine plastic tube (catheter) into an artery and then injecting a dye into the bloodstream. The x-ray pictures taken during this procedure are used to provide information to your doctor regarding the arteries to your heart. Most angiograms are performed using a local anaesthetic.

Your cardiologist will then tell you if your coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed, and can then advise you of your treatment options.