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Healthy Hearing

John Flynn Private Hospital began performing hearing screens for newborn babies in 2006 as part of the QLD Health ‘Healthy Hearing Program.’ Early detection of hearing loss and implementation of early intervention minimises disruption to normal speech and language development, thus enabling normal learning and social development.

In the 8 years since the program commenced over 6,300 hearing screens have been performed at JFPH. 19 babies have been referred to Audiology for further follow up with 5 babies commencing early intervention. 86 babies were also referred to Audiology for the Targeted Surveillance Programme, having met one or more risk factors for possible hearing loss following a normal pass in both ears. Risk factors include: a family history of permanent childhood deafness (the baby’s parents or siblings), ventilation for more than 5 days, craniofacial abnormalities and syndromes associated with hearing loss.