John Flynn Private Hospital
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Maternity navigators guiding Gold Coast women through birth and beyond


Maternity navigators guiding Gold Coast women through birth and beyond

Aug 04, 2021

John Flynn Private Hospital is helping Gold Coast women to feel totally supported throughout their journey from pregnancy to parenthood, with the appointment of two ‘Maternity Care Navigators’.

Registered midwives Clare Keys and Katherine Ogge, who have a combined two decades’ experience, say they’re thrilled to be John Flynn’s new Maternity Care Navigators, providing women with exceptional continuity of care in the hospital’s luxurious setting.

“Our role is just making women feel safe. Navigating their way, from that first wee on a stick all the way through to having a baby, can be really overwhelming. So I think women feel much more comfortable having one point of contact here at the hospital,” Clare said.

“When you have disjointed care you get different information, conflicting information and confused mothers. So we’re trying to streamline that care so the mother is getting the right information and feeling confident with what she’s doing,” Katherine said.

The maternity unit at John Flynn Private Hospital offers a boutique, hotel-style feel for women and their partners with stunning views overlooking the ocean. With only 12 beds in the unit, both Clare and Katherine say their team provides women with exceptional, individualised care.

“The really great thing about John Flynn is that we’re such a small unit and I think that’s a real positive because the women feel like they’re part of a family here,” Clare said.

Katherine said from the moment women book in to have their baby at John Flynn Private Hospital, she and Clare will be on hand to help with any questions, as well as tours, childbirth and parenting programs, and other support services.

“I do know how confusing it can be as a mum when you don’t know where to go or what to do and you’re getting so much advice, especially from your friends. We just want to get the right information across and that way we can get the best outcomes for the mum and the baby,” Katherine said.

For more information, phone Clare or Katherine (07) 5586 5628 or visit