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John Flynn celebrates $30m project completion

Jun 15, 2020

The highly-anticipated, $30 million redevelopment of John Flynn Private Hospital is now complete, giving residents in the southern Gold Coast and northern New South Wales regions the very best in health care.

The redevelopment, dubbed the P.O.W.E.R project, gives patients access to a huge range of expanded services, including: 30 extra private rooms, two operating theatres, doubling the size of the Emergency Department, 116 carparks plus new imaging and renal dialysis facilities.

Chief Executive Officer of John Flynn Private Hospital, Adam Stevenson, said the upgrades have revolutionised patient care in the region.

“The ED expansion, increased theatre capacity and the extra ward give us the opportunity to treat more patients, more quickly and we have better options for our surgeons,” Mr Stevenson said.

“The facilities are right up to date with the most modern technology, it’s all brand new and obviously we have great medical coverage, it really is a wonderful environment.”

The ‘P.O.W.E.R project’ is an acronym representing the hospital’s five major upgrades:

P - PET scanner
O - Operating Theatres
W - Ward
E - Emergency Department
R - Renal Dialysis

South Coast Radiology’s new state-of-the-art Digital PET scanner is the first fully digital scanner in Queensland and a first for any private imaging company in Australia. The company will also run John Flynn’s new nuclear medicine department.

The two new operating theatres will help to reduce surgery waiting times and increase convenience for patients and doctors.

The new ward will create 30 extra private single-bed rooms at John Flynn Private Hospital, affording patients more comfort during their stay.

The Emergency Department expansion brings the number of bays to 14 plus four associated rooms. ED patients will no longer have to pay out-of-pocket costs for medical imaging services at John Flynn, thanks to a partnership with South Coast Radiology.

The new Renal Dialysis Unit also marks a major milestone for the hospital, as it has been moved from the main building to the John Flynn Cancer Centre - meaning it is now co-located with the new Day Oncology Unit.

The John Flynn renovation was able to be completed much sooner than originally planned, by incorporating existing space beneath the original buildings rather than constructing a new building from scratch.

John Flynn celebrates $30m project completion