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John Flynn Private Wins National APHA Award


John Flynn Private Wins National APHA Award

Oct 20, 2011

John Flynn Private Hospital has taken home the Clinical Excellence Award for quality of care and patient outcomes in the 2011 APHA/Baxter Awards for Quality and Excellence in private hospitals. The award recognises John Flynn Private’s excellent Hand Hygiene in Health Care Program which was rolled out throughout the hospital and has resulted in significant improvements in hand hygiene, understanding and compliance.

As part of this Program the Hospital implemented the five elements of the World Health Organisation’s strategy to increase hand hygiene in the hospital.  

The project included providing hand hygiene education to all levels of the 1400 hospital staff, Visiting Medical Officers and submitting data to a national body as well as providing feedback of progress to all the staff. The training and education included 100 one hour face to face education sessions which included all staff. To assist in sustaining this project, John Flynn Private also integrated an online Hand Hygiene e-learning package into their annual competencies for all staff. 680 hand sanitizer dispensers were installed throughout the facility.

“Improving staff hygiene is always a high priority at private hospitals,” said Michael Roff, Chief Executive Officer of APHA. “John Flynn have educated their staff and implemented a very successful hand hygiene program."