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Casey and her family


John Flynn Private Hospital celebrates the life and family of Casey Young and dedicates the new maternity terrace in her honour

Aug 01, 2014

Casey Young discovered she had stage four bowel cancer in May 2013 while undergoing a caesarean section to deliver her twin babies at John Flynn Private Hospital. The disease was so advanced that Casey survived just another three months, passing away on 6th August 2013.

Casey and her family touched the lives of many at John Flynn and on Thursday 7th August, staff paid tribute to a much-loved patient who was "always smiling" when she walked through the corridors, officially opening the new maternity terrace named in Casey's honour.

In the last few months of her life, Casey Young longed to get out on to John Flynn Private Hospital's balcony and take in views of the coastline. Hospital Chief Executive Greg Jenke said Mrs Young's "incredibly sad yet truly inspiring story" had been the catalyst for developing and opening the balcony. "The motivation and the inspiration behind it was sad, but it's a long lasting tribute to her," Mr Jenke said.

The Ward 3A maternity terrace is a beautiful, peaceful place for new parents to relax and enjoy the serenity and sweeping views of our stunning coastline.