John Flynn Private Hospital
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JOHN FLYNN PRIVATE HOSPITAL rates in the top 5 hospitals in the country for overall hospital experience and medical team recommendation

Jul 01, 2014

HCF has today released results of its latest survey of the hospital experiences of more than 11,000 of its members in 100 public and private hospitals. John Flynn Private Hospital ranked in the TOP 5 in the country on both measures*.

Hospital recommendation scores: the 11,000+ responses from HCF members rated from 0 to 10 on how likely they would be to recommend the hospital to a friend or colleague based on their experiences.

Medical team recommendation scores: the same 11,000+ HCF members also responded on the likelihood of their recommending the medical team that treated them to a friend or a colleague based on their experiences.

John Flynn Private ranked second in Queensland for top scoring hospital, and equal second in Queensland for top scoring medical team.

John Flynn CEO, Greg Jenke said the accolade was excellent recognition of the service provided by John Flynn Private Hospital to patients.

"This is an excellent achievement for our hospital and patients on the Gold Coast who can be sure to receive top quality care at John Flynn Private Hospital.

Our hospital places a great deal of priority on ensuring that our patients receive high quality care and leave satisfied with their hospital stay. These results demonstrate that our staff and doctors are delivering services that result in an excellent patient experience."

*As ranked by HCF members in the HCF Hospital Patient Experience Survey released on 21 July 2014