John Flynn Private Hospital

Dr John Meulet New injectable monitor: helping John Flynn cardiologists unlock the answers

Cardiologists at John Flynn Private Hospital are leading the way in syncope management by implanting the world’s smallest cardiac monitor.

The Medtronic Reveal LINQ implantable cardiac monitor is capable of wirelessly diagnosing potentially dangerous, irregular heart beats and is used to disarm the ‘ticking time bomb’ for those Australians who live unknowingly with chronic heart conditions.


Congratulations Dr Genevieve Bishop – our newest O&G!

Fiona and Michael welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Kai, born on Tuesday 20th October with the assistance of John Flynn Private Hospital’s newest Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr Genevieve Bishop. Fiona was already 39 weeks pregnant when she decided John Flynn was the place for her to have her baby. John Flynn Private Hospital congratulates Dr Genevieve Bishop who only recently commenced at the hospital with The Women’s Health Centre on October 6th 2015.