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Medical Oncology

Cancer is a journey that will encompass many physical and emotional changes. Each person's experience is unique, with many experiencing only mild side effects. With the support and care we give at the John Flynn Cancer Centre we will endeavour to make the journey as calm and stress free as possible.

Our aim is to guide you through the maze of terminology, manage unwanted side effects as well as offer emotional support if needed. We will always attempt to answer any questions or concerns our patients and their support networks may have at any time.

The information contained in this section will help you understand what cancer is and where chemotherapy fits into your treatment. It will acknowledge the physical changes experienced with treatment and help you understand the reasons for side effects and their management.

You will find advice on how to prepare for treatment and what to be aware of following treatment. Upon your initial consultation the nursing staff at the John Flynn Cancer Centre will also provide additonal information on how to deal with the side effects from your treatment.

There are also links for further reading, how to manage common side effects, some frequently asked questions and important phone numbers. Finally, we will always offer a kind word and a smile as you share your journey with us.

Possible Side Effects & Further Information

Medical Oncology