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Body Fluids & Chemotherapy

When dealing with your body's waste after chemotherapy there are some key things you need to know. It will take 7 days for all traces of chemotherapy to leave the body. During this time any body fluids such as vomit, urine and faeces must be treated in a certain way to protect other people from the effects of chemotherapy.

  • Gloves should be worn when emptying pans and urinals for 7 days after completion of treatment.
  • When disposing of waste (urine, vomit, faeces) simply flush down the toilet with a full flush.
  • Colostomy bags should be double bagged and placed directly into the wheelie bin.
  • If urine or vomit is spilled on the floor please wear gloves and wipe area down with either a flushable toilet wipe or paper towels that can be disposed directly into the rubbish. Clean area down with water and neutral detergent.
  • Clean the toilet regularly, if body fluids come into contact with any surface, follow the guide below:
    • Ensure that you wear a pair of gloves (disposable gloves).
    • Use toilet paper to clean up and then flush contents down the toilet using a full flush.
    • Clean the area with water and household detergent using disposable sponge.
    • Put used gloves and sponge inside 2 plastic bags.
    • Seal the bag by tying the ends.
    • Put the bag into the wheelie bin.

If body fluids come into contact with clothing or linen follow the guide below:

  • Wear a pair of gloves (disposable gloves) when handling contaminated clothes or linen.
  • If unable to wash immediately, place items in a plastic bag for a short period of time.
  • Place items separately from other linen into the washing machine with detergent for one full cycle.
  • Put used gloves inside 2 plastic bags.
  • Seal the bag by tying the ends. Put the bag into the wheelie bin.

Disposal of wastes that have been contaminated by body waste that would include gloves, incontinence pads, condoms, hygiene pads or tampons, dressings or stoma bags follow the guide below:

  • Put items into 2 plastic bags 2.Seal the bag by tying the ends.
  • Put the bag into the wheelie bin.

Septic tanks & composting toilets

It is acceptable for cytotoxic waste to be disposed of in septic tanks. Maintenance workers who service the septic tank should be advised that cytotoxic waste has been disposed of. If you are unsure, please contact your tank supplier.

If you have a composting toilet it is advised to contact the manufacturer for further direction.